Podcast Project Update

Work on my podcast is proceeding well:

  • I have completed basic script with estimated timings for a 3-part, 30 minute podcast.
  • I have enlisted voice talent to record special sections (voices of critics, Lottie Gee, Josephine Baker, and Noble Sissle)
  • I have edited source music recordings for use throughout the podcast.
  • I have obtained a microphone and made a test recording for the narration.

On my to-do list are:

  • Complete recording the basic narration
  • Locate vocal talent to record “Love Will Find A Way”
  • Continue to look for archival interviews that might include material related to my podcast
  • Compile the recordings by outside vocal talent
  • Make a rough edit/assembly for testing at least part of the podcast
  • Complete accompanying Omeka site to include podcast script and accompanying materials.

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