Podcast Update–March 21st


  • Assembled initial segment for review; got feedback from 2 out of 3 of the original reviewers that led me to reconsider the structure of the podcast
  • Reworked narration so more of the story was “told” in the subject’s ( Lottie Gee’s) voice
  • Began re-recording my narration


  • I’m still trying to determine where to place music behind the narration. One reviewer found it confusing to have any music, but I think it makes the podcast sound less sparse and gives more of a period flavor.
  • I’m not certain whether I’ll have all new recordings on hand to create an initial cut by early April.

To Do

  • Continue to record my narration
  • Locate additional vocal talent for Lottie Gee’s part
  • Experiment with different background music for the narration and test with potential users




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